A Piece of My Heart Lives Outside

My Baby

If you have read my previous posts You probably already know that I am from the city of joy Kolkata and living in Africa….OH you dint?…. Never-mind….you know….now.You must be thinking: what the hell? Why should I even know that? You should because without the backdrop no drama ever survived. So here goes my story.

I am a girl who loves dogs. My dream job is to serve in a dog kennel or a dog rescue center but somehow I ended up as an engineering student and later an assistant professor. So actually never had time to have dogs of my own since teen as most of the time I was into hostels. Then I was into lots of travelling which also dint help to have me my own paw-yy friend…but I am popular with dogs in each of the locality I ever been.

Then came my moment when my dear husband gifted me a cute Dalmatian puppy on my birthday.I was in the cloud nine that night. I suddenly became mom to a furry beauty. My life started revolving around her. These were the best years of my life. She was growing into a pampered, intelligent, playful girl and I… a proud mumma. But life is cruel to me and I got transferred to Africa. I was all excited to be in Africa but the only hurdle was to bring my girl with us. After lots of hustle I couldn’t get a permission for her partly due to legal issues mostly because my father-in-law became too attached to her.She became his companion.He couldn’t afford to let go his son and me along with his new found friend.So we left her in his care and traveled to Africa.

My life is again same without my furry daughter but with lots of her pawyy friends here. But being a piece of my heart and breathing in different continent..I miss her and I am sure she misses me too. The only assurance is she is loved and cared and able to brighten up moods of my parent-in-laws.

Today I am missing her a lot so vented here and waiting for the moment of our reunion.

Thank you for your precious time.

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I Got My 33rd Tooth!

I Got My 33rd Tooth!

It was after late night party for me and my husband in last month. I was wiping make up and suddenly felt something is lodged between my left cheek and left side of upper jaw. Tongue has its own reflex to clear any lodged food in that region but it cannot find any. I thought my gums have swollen for some reason and dint mind it. Brushed as usual and went to bed.

Next morning was a busy monday and I had to rush to my work. Whole day there was a uneasyness in the gum. After returning home I was straight in front of the mirror. Tried my best to examine what happened…I found a small protrusion in the region and that gave me a relief…as I thought it is going to disappear in few days.

I already have 4 wisdom teeth set into my permanent dentition. I have a well oral health ..well that according to me though I have gone through tooth filling and one uprooting! 

After a week I found there is a small white, hard, tooth like formation there and that made me think …”WOW” …how can one have an extra tooth? Being a human I must have space for 32 teeth only. So I must be alien, Dracula, superhuman or subhuman QED. Started pretending to not care about that as I am (or I was?) pretty sure about my human ancestry.

My husband was scheduled  to Gabon and I was busy helping him packing and collecting documents for his job responsibility and totally ignored the new entity inside my mouth.

Now last week I saw it in a shape of a canine hanging over last three teeth and that made me visit my dentist at last.

When he asked, “What happened dear?” I announced: “I got my 33rd tooth”. He was not convinced at first and reluctantly said “Let me see”. I was in the chair with a big yawning position and he was ready with his instruments. After examining he said “Unbelievable…its rare but you have indeed the 33rd tooth. It is a paramolar.”

Then he explained what it is and how he is going to uproot it in near future. I came home with my medical certificate to prove my speciality. Till then I am smiling with an extra shine…its indeeda big wide smile.

Now on serious note…I googled paramolar andfound limited siting on it. If anyone is interested in my case for your research you can freely write to me.

Another interesting fact is – this is my 33rd post.


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If You Have Nothing To Do..Read Comments

Nothing to doI was extremely bored today. In my “nothing to do hours” I was surfing various sites. Suddenly I found myself inspired and not-bored anymore. So my suggestion is – read the comments below the posts.

      The Proper Procedure to Do Nothing:

  •        Start reading any random blog or post in any site like reddit, allwomenstalk, listverse etc. etc.
  • Follow the links or threads if you wish.
  • Read the most read, most commented one.
  • Go through the readers section
  • You will your time and boredom at a time.

Benefits of Reading Comments:

 I must support now why I am stressing on reading comment.

  • At first by reading the post you must have gained something.
  • Now to enrich your knowledge comments will help you.
  • The writer in most cases overlook something which is pointed by readers.
  • There are links provided by readers which will lead you to different aspects associated with the post.
  • You may have supportive or opposing thoughts.
  • You will build up your judgement on the topic.
  • You will have something to say about the topic.
  • You may have something to speak about the author or readers.
  • You may help the author to brush up their post.
  • In reply to comments you can write.
  • You may stumble upon a site of your interest by following readers` comments.
  • You may have an idea of what others thinking on the topic.
  • It can inspire you to write your own blog.

Above all it will kill your boredom and eat up your time you wanted to through fare. So keep reading and post comments.


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Review Time….”Bol Bachhan”

“Bol Bachhan” is Rohit Shetty directed and Ajay Devgan produced Bollywood flick released on July 6th, 2012. It is not a secret that it is an official remake of Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s 1979 masterpiece “Gol Maal” and the film did not leave a single chance to point it out.


Story is woven in typical Indian moral values, religious believe, brother’s love for sister, rivalry for ancestral property, fake identity, series of cover-ups, goof-ups and comic situations where to cover one lie, one is padding up with a bigger lie. It is an out an out comedy with Rohit Shetty’s signature style.


  • Ajay Devgan as Prithviraj Raghuvanshi
  • Abhishek Bachchan as Abbas Ali / Abhishek Bachchan
  • Asin as Sania Ali / Apeksha
  • Prachi Desai as Radhika
  • Archana Puran Singh as Zohra/Madhumati
  • Krushna Abhishek as Ravi
  • Asrani as Shastri with others

Why watch:

If you like a typical Bollywood masaala type movie for “fooltoo” entertainment without judging it from a cynical film critic way you can really enjoy it. All the actors did really well in the movie. Avishek Bachhan has evolved as an actor and his effort did not go unnoticed. Ajay Devgan as Prithviraj Raghuvanshi is simply mind-blowing. Asin and Prachi had nothing much to do and their presence was somewhat shadowed by other’s performances. Archana Puran Singh and Krushna showed an excellent comic timing. They are the Usp of the movie. Asrani is somewhat sticked to his mannerism but did justice to his role.

Action sequences are elaborate but crisp with some south indian touch. Abhishek Bachhan surprised me in action sequences and Ajay Devgan is completely believable in unbelievable action scenes.

Malapropism of Prithviraj Raghuvanshi. He likes to speak in english but what he speaks is not “ENGLISH”. 

Dance sequence where Abhishek Bachhan was tested for his dancing quality. It was an acid test for Abhishek Bachhan in reel and real.


Music is the sector where the film lags.

Story was not mesmerizing and obviously quite predictable.

If you have to save money *grin*.

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What to eat on Kolkata Streets……

I am a Bengali; thus genetically blessed with appetite and royal taste.My favourite pass time is to taste different food and beverages.All through my childhood, college life I worshipped street foods…tasty, easy to avail, cheap and forbidden by parents. So from my taste buds due permission I give you the list to try at least once.

1. Panipuri / Phuchka / Golgappa : Arguably the winner of favourite street food in Kolkata. It is a gobble sized crisp hollow deep-fried flour ball eaten with a stuffing and sour juice. Stuffing is either based on potato or bengal gram.But typical authentic bengali phuchka is stuffed with a mashed potato mixed with spices, salts, coriander leaves and lemon juice and served spicy “tentul jol” (tamarind juice mixed with spices).

There are numerous phuchka vendor in Kolkata but my personal favourite is one who sells phuchka near 8B busstand just beside the bank opposite to Jadavpur University Gate no. 2.

Tip: Dont forget to ask for “faou” (free) phuchka.Typically a single piece of phuchka is for 1 rupee.

2. Jhalmuri : Typical bengali street food it is almost trade mark of Kolkata streets.A mixture of puffed rice (muri) with “chanachur”, sliced boiled potato, green chilli, onion, cucumber, coriander leaves, ginger, coconut, tomato, lemon juice, mustard oil, pickles, salt and garnished with semicircular coconut is the typical jhalmuri of Kolkata….the healthiest snacks available on earth.

My favourite is from an old man of Maidan opposite Victoria Memorial who probably mix a secret magical masala to his jhalmuri.

Tip: Ask for extra coconut slice if you like. A ready packet (“tthonga”) is of 5-10 rupees.

3. Rolls: If you are hungry and don’t want to spend much then opt for rolls. Though rolls are not typical bengali delicacy but they are integral part of bengali street foods. They are shallow fried chapatis with stuffings. Stuffing is generally an onion salad with chicken/ mutton / fish / paneer (cottage cheese)/ kababs / vegetables and thus named chicken-roll, mutton-roll etc. etc. While egg-role is the chapati covered with egg and stuffed with onion salad.

Arsalan, Bawarchi, Azad Hind Dhaba, Nizam have many counters in different streets and they all are really good at making rolls.

Tip: Avoid tomato sauce and add lemon juice in the stuffing. Depending on stuffing rolls are priced anywhere between 10-50 rupees.

4. Phuluri / Chop: Typical bengali delicacy. They are like cutlets but spherical or oval in shape with vegetable or non-vegeterian stuffings served with salads, sauce, or simply with pinch of salt. They hot favourites during rainy evening with “muri”.

Baghajatin has the best shop for “chop” in my opinion. Though all roll counters are tough competition for him.

Tip: You can rarely find chops and phuluri during day time or at late night. They are typical tea-time or evening snack. Depending on stuffing and size they are 2-10 rupees/piece.

5. Fruit salads/ fruit juices: Need no introduction. They are healthy though not guaranteed for hygiene always.

Shops opposite New Market and near Sreeram Arcade are best in business.

Tips: Insist on serving fresh fruits peeled and cut before you. Fruit juices are typically priced 15-50 rupees/glass.

Here I did not consider rosogolla, sandesh, misti doi, machh vaja (fried fish) etc as they are not “street foods” but you must try them also.


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OMG….What I did in the interview?

 Though I am a below thirty professor now and pretty popular among my students I did almost everything one should not do in their interview. Today I am here to share one of my (as I have countless number of them) embarrassing interview story.I

It was during my pre-final semester of B.Tech…..we all were waiting for a lucrative job offer to grab and settle happily ever after in our life. I am from one of the most recognised University of India where we at least got our chance to face interviews directly in some reputed companies and we refer it “campussing”.

All types of industries were visiting our campus and every prospective job owner like me were aiming high. We were coming to college in our best formal attire with all our documents, photos, photocopies…etc. etc. We were totally armed for the battle of life to settle.

Then we came to know that a food industry giant multinational company is coming to select only one candidate from 3500 of us. Competition among us to grab the offer was literally on fire. Best friends became rival, suddenly all of us lost interest in chatting, gaming, playing and became nephew of Einstein. There was a silence in the campus even in hostels.

On the D-Day I found myself alone in the university campus at 9:00 a.m sharp, (campussing schedule was at 10:00) dressed in my favourite and best formal dress with all the documents neatly filled up. I was praising myself and totally self-absorbed to have a boost in self-esteem. I did not notice a car approaching to me. I was brought to reality by a dignified voice greeting me “Good morning”. I found myself casually standing in front of our interviewer asking for help to find the venue…..My 1st mistake.Anyway I showed them the venue. By that time I found some of our faculty and students also arrived.

It was 3 stage screening….1st one was a general intelligence test. I should mention two things here I was not a “bright” student in my class and thus not confident enough to crack the test. Anyway the test started for 3400+ students at sharp 10:00…it was a 30 min. test comprising 90 multiple choice questions of different aspects judging us according to their standards. Yes, it had negative marking…and I answered all. After completion we submitted our OMR sheets and waited for an hour. During this one hour I actually lost hope of getting through….as my answers were not matching to most of the students. It was after 60 nail-biting minutes they announced the names of 100 candidates selected for 2nd round. To our utter surprise I topped the list with 89 correct answers! My friends could not believed the result and became sceptic about how can a back bencher like me did that. I was hurt and lack of confidence in me lowered my self-esteem an inch further……Mistakes continued.

Next was a group discussion (GD) round in 10 groups of 10 members each. In my group I was the single girl candidate and our topic was something related to cricket, sports car and boxing! The company representative asked me if being a girl I am confident enough to discuss those topics as they are typically “guy topics”. I said..”It does not matter if the topic is interesting to me or not but I have my views on them…atleast I have points about why they are not considered “girly or general topic”. In the discussion I was an active speaker and listener…let me tell you a secret here…I am a fan of motor racing and my uncle is Olympic Boxer. So this round earned some brownie and I cleared the second round.I was the only girl candidate in top 10.Guessed no mistake in this phase.

Next was personal interview round..which was scheduled post lunch. I was awaiting my turn on empty stomach. It was just before my interview I discovered a printing mistake in my résumé…so convenient.I was the first one to face interviewers. I entered the room and greeted them. To begin my interview I pointed out the printing mistake ..I believe I was rejected then and there. Then they asked me some technical questions I answered my best but that was too technical for them…so I was not exactly sticking to the rule of interview..”be technical to the technical persons only.” During this period they asked me some data which  can easily be available from any standard table for that. I answered to four digit after decimal but added “I am not good at remembering data”….nailed my hope to get through. Then they asked me the typical question “what is my biggest achievement till date” without giving the standard answer I told them I won national level dance competition …irrelevant to the concerned post . Other discussion gone ok but when I left the room I knew I lost the job.

So please don’t do the things I did in bold letters during your interview if you really want the job.


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Tribute To Pariah Dog

I don’t know if anyone is interestedin Pariah Dogs or not and I don’t care. I just love them. This post is tribute to my 3 months old pariah – Chocky.

INDog puppy



Pariah Dogs are Indian feral dogs though they are not feral in strict sense but stray. Often not considered as classy and often not looked with honour as other purebred dogs are. Even they are named Pariah to show them as low grade dog. According to Wikipedia “pariah is derived from the Tamil word paraiyar, first used in English in 1613 to refer to the lowest level of the traditional Indian caste system; in English, it is used to mean “social outcast”.But the fact is; according to United Kennel Club it is purebred and thanks again to them as they prefer to refer them in most registries as “primitive” (primitive in the sense of “relating to an earliest or original stage or state” or “being little evolved from an early ancestral type”) and not as derogatory “pariah”. At least we got a chance to be less snobber to these dogs.

These dogs are medium sized, slim and sharp featured..often brown , chocolate or black in colour. White and spotted or patched are also common. They usually are not furry and have a short coat. They have black eyes, pointed erect ears, wedge-shaped head with pointed muzzle, and a long curved tail often held curled over the back. I am particularly fan of their expressive eyes and purr when they are taken care of.

The Indian Pariah Dog is also called the INDog .In India you can find at least 5 stray pariah dogs in each street. They are just neglected and left on their own but with a more or less intensive human connection, scavenging on leftovers and trash.They are extraordinarily loyal and devoted to the family who feed them.They have an adaptable, friendly nature, high intelligence and trainability and overall good health, as they have evolved for survival. Their high territorial instinct makes them naturally good watchdogs. They may roam in packs or alone, some individuals tend to be more independent than others. They litter a size ranging between 4-8, but once one produced a single puppy in my locality and which is a rare case.INDog are often nurtured and named by the local people. Then why they are not adopted as pet is not clear to me.

In compare to other dog breeds I find it is easy to have an INDog as pet. There are many reasons to support this finding. They are extremely low maintenance species. If properly vaccinated they rarely show in health trouble. Being a winner of “struggle for existence” they have extremely good health and no particular ailment or disease is associated with them. Having a short coat they need only occasional brushing and a bath in two weeks. They can stomach large variety of foods. Their extensive human exposure made them socially alert.

INDogs are just lovely and I had one who had to leave me yesterday. It is adopted by another four-year girl. I will miss you Chocky.

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