Excuse My Laziness

05 Mar

Dear Mom,  


I am not there this time to wish you Happy Birthday…so my this post is to you.

“Wake up…..wake up……wake up lazybone….WAKE UP….W-A-K-E–U-P”…*some water splashing*…ummmm…lemme zzzzzzz…”. My morning always starts with this.

I had to attend morning school and it was the hardest part of my studylife. I am not sure of am I lazy or plain love to sleep….I guess both. It was a trouble for me to catch the school bus but surely a WORK OUT for my mom. To relief her I once gifted myself a moving alarm clock. *See, at least I tried*. Anyways…at the preset time it start running and ringing….which works for other to wake up. It failed in his alarming mission in my case. It was just another rhythm to help me sleep tighter. 

But after a few days it started working in a strange way. My mom was already quite stressed out with me and my sleep…to add to her trouble there is this little running and screaming device to blow up her residual peace of mind. Just listening to its first bit she comes to me and make me wide awake in a minute. *you can roughly imagine the process*. The earlier process become quicker…so it exactly saves two-minute of her struggling period each day. Now we laugh at those moments whenever we see the old alarm clock.

On your this birthday (5th March, 2011) I want to thank you for everything and want to say sorry for the troubles I ever caused. May God bless you Mom. I love you. I still miss your morning call….

Ohh.. though you know I suck at baking but if I could I would bake you a cake like this

– From

Your Lazybone

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