Way To A Hair-free Skin

15 Mar

Tell me the most disastrous fashion faux-pas?

To me its the sight of hairy legs coming out of a nice dress or beautiful skirt. Even unshaven underarms are enough to kill a look.

I know there are not too many of us to do this. We remove our unwanted hair to have a smooth and silky skin. There are plenty of techniques available to remove unwanted hair….shaving, threading and waxing are most popular among them. But they are painful, time-consuming and not a permanent solution. Now-a-days laser treatment is becoming popular as it gives a permanent result..but it is also time-consuming as more than one sitting is required and not to mention very costly.I actually don’t bother about cost, time and pain related to those treatments, but what bugs me more is their short-term effect. Half-grown, pricky hairs are simply horrible. You can’t uproot them again until they grow to a certain length..that is most painful part to have a hair-free skin.

Thankfully my wise grandma taught me a one time, not so painful, permanent hair removal trick….which is handed down traditionally in my culture. I am here to share that. The process is very simple and a crude version of modern waxing. The main trick is only applicable on your first, unshaven hair (traditionally performed at puberty). You can apply it on any body part. Not so effective on older hair and once shaven area.

The procedure is as follows:-

  • Take 50 ml pure coconut oil and 3 tbsp of sugar in a pan and heat it.
  • Heat it over medium flame until it gets sticky and thick (often colour turned to light brown).
  • Apply the hot mixture on body part to coat hair in thin layer.
  • Wait for 10 minutes or till it gets dried.
  • Scrub it off with pumice stone.
  • Wash with cold water and massage with coconut oil.

You have to follow some precautions :-

  • The mixture should not be overheated to get extremely sticky.
  • When applying it onto skin be careful not to burn yourself.
  • Avoid lumping during coating.

Your skin is hair free for rest of the life.

I know it is late information for many of you but its better late than never. You may now hand down the information to your daughter or sister or any younger bud you want to help as my grandma did to me.

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