Abuse, Stigma, Illtreatment

17 Mar
Abuse, Stigma, Illtreatment

I am upset today….really, really upset. Someone very dear to me is dying. Doctors said she is in the final stage of cancer and we cant help but pray. So lets pray for her soul. Let there be no pain for her.

The girl said it….”Once upon a time there was a little girl. She was cute like an angel. Dream daughter any parent wished can wished for. Superbly brilliant in studies and gifted with a voice of a nightingale. Proud “possession” of two brothers. Altogether a picture perfect family with all the happiness.

As they said…nothing lasts forever…their perfect picture scratched one day. The cute little angel lost her wings of hope and wand of smile, forgot to be happy again. Why? Because she was raped by her own maternal uncle in her very own playroom at the age of 10. The little girl became prey of domestic violence.

But the story dint ended there. She was taken to doctors, councillors, psychiatrists to get back her into the life. It was a journey of wounded warrior.

The trauma actually never left her. Her abused memory raped her again and again. When someone is dishonoured in this way it’s not physical issue anymore , her soul is wounded beyond recovery. It bleeds every time she saw her tormentor “free” around her because if he was reported society could make her life worsen. She might compelled to lead a life of isolation. But was she ever accepted? No. Her family was with her but to protect her “impious” body and never accepted her as the angel she is. She became the sinner. Her brothers made sure she completes her study early and get a groom as early as possible so they can unload their “burden”. Yes we are living among hypocrites. All these made her patient of depression, she never recovered.

Then entered her love of life…her husband. A well-educated, kind-hearted person. He accepted her with open arms, kind heart and open mind.She was loved again. She wanted to return the “favour” with all HER. But she discovered she developed a phobia of phallus, phobia of sex, phobia of loving a man out of her stigma. This again tormented her. She wants to love him with all….but it can’t be. Her husband accepted it….which made her more depressed. She felt she is pitied. She dint want to be “special” in that way. She is heart-broken again.”

Life was going for her. She became non-responssive to feelings…her counciling sessions was of no good anymore. Now after 3 years of her marriage suddenly doctors diagnosed her brain cancer in last stage. She has only few hours/days left. Though she is under medical supervision for last 15 years. Nobody ever pointed that she has cancer. Always she was declared weak due to lack of sleep.Can I say she is ill-treated? I think that is an understatement.

But the wrenching pain caused by brain cancer she is having now is nothing in compare to the pain she suffered whole life. I pray for her….”Let there be no pain only bliss”. God bless her. 

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