Happyness Found Me Today!

22 Mar

Splash………Ha ha ha ha…….Splash…..colours of life is back again. Tra la la la……

Today I am happy… much happy as I can.

If you ask me …Why? I dont have a particular answer.

There was every moment special in the day. Started from the very morning till the midnight.

My this morning started with the call from my brother….who is my twin soul actually.He is just a cousin but dearer to my own sister. He just call up to make sure if everything is going OK with me as I was terribly upset the other day.

Then got my favourite breakfast (luchi, begun vaja, sandesh) made by my landlady. Can you imagine my happiness then? I was saved from hectic kitchen routine in the morning.

Then left for my job and reached 5 minutes earlier than scheduled. Enjoyed taking class (I enjoyed it most of the days), bashed my boss! Uffffff…..such an post-orgasmic feeling.I avoid fights like plague but when someone is continuously pushing you to the corner, brushing you in the wrong side you must revolt. Everyday you don’t get a chance to fight against your boss and even win it. So this actually made my day.*Devil me*.

In the way returning home clicked some ( new hobby) photos which turned out to be the best out of the lot today. Attaching one here……..

Then suddenly changed my track and found myself in the mall. Bought a pair of red and black shoe (yes I think I am shoe-holic as it is the 9th pair this month) and a saree for no obvious reason…oh well there is one…I am becoming a shopaholic. In the mall I met a friend after a long time and its her birthday!!Wow……So we chatted at CCD for over an hour and returned home finally.


My husband was ready with dinner with his culinary arts. Well…he is not a pro at cooking and simply alien to kitchen …. so it’s a nice effort I must say. Another thing, have I ever mentioned that we are in LDR? Yes we are married for last 1 year but staying apart as we are posted in two different countries. So it was a nice surprise for me…as I dint know that he is coming.

Then checked my this account to find first comment on my blog….Lovely. 

A day full of surprises and wonderful moments. Thank you….

Tra la la la la la la………..

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