My Actual First Blog….

31 Mar
My Actual First Blog….

I started blogging influenced by Allwomenstalk….a blogginng site I accidentaly stumbled and hooked immediately. After few months of reading their posts I submitted my very first blog to them and it was published there. So I think I must include it in MY site…..afterall it is my first brain child so a dear one. So here it is in its original form.

5+ Adorable Female Cartoons You May Love To Be …

I know we all are pretty grownups, at least size-wise. We all loved cartoons in our early days. But … Don’t we still like them? I know we all have the secret fantasy to be one of them. If given a chance I would like to be……or……maybe……I cannot decide actually. So here is my list…


1. The Powerpuff Girls 

If I ever get a chance I would like to be Blossom in my kindergarten days – a little smarter, bossy, with sense of style and pretty in pink. Bubbles, cute, sugary in blue, and Buttercup, spicy, tough tomboy in green, are the other two obvious options to “Saving the world before bedtime.” So who is you dearest PPG?

2. Kim Possible

I must admit, in my high school days, Kim Possible was my role model- “Cheerleader by Day/ Crime Stopper by Night”. How extraordinary could life be? Super intelligent, graceful, tough, emotional, boyfriend issues………just like any teenager. I think we girls are just like her- balancing two or more apparently polar opposite roles  in life and looking stunning all the time. What do you say?

3. Wonder Woman

In my youth, I wished to be a lady with super powers and splendid beauty -“Wonder Woman.” She is my “super-heroine”, one who is strong and gorgeous. Not to forget her mission was to bring the Amazon ideals of love, peace and sexual equality — just like mine. I wanted her “Lasso of Truth” to unmask my cheating boyfriends!

4. Betty Boop

Now it is the time to pay tribute to Betty Boop – a legendary glamorous female cartoon star that has baby-like face, independent attitude, womanly charms and disarmingly innocent sexuality. All in one package is always a bargain! What do you say ladies?

5+. Disney Princesses

I really cannot choose between the Disney Princesses. Snow White, Cinderella, Ariel, Fa Mulan, Pocahontas, Jasmine, Rapunzel,Aurora, Belle, Jasmine, Tiana — all are adorable. Apart from being princess they are all gorgeous (not to mention their stunning dresses) and with a lover to slay 100 dragons at once for them only. I wish to be a Disney Princess in my next birth!

It is most probable that I missed your favourite here or maybe she is just right here. Who do you think is the better option than Kim – Daria or Veronica? Or it is impossible to replace Kim Possible? Who is the best homemaker of your choice-Wilma Flintstone and Betty Rubble or Lois Griffin or Jane Jetson? Please let me know. If given a chance which female cartoon character would you like to be? I am waiting……..”

P.S. I am waiting..


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