Indian Cricket, Religion and Superstition…

03 Apr
Indian Cricket, Religion and Superstition…

Dia Ghumake…….

After 28 long years we, Indians won the ICC Cricket World-Cup (2011). By the time you are reading this you all know it was against Srilanka in the final and India won by 6 wickets. Let me tell you what you probably dont know…..we became champion of champions because of ME!…

Surprised?????Dont be…I tell you the truth…its me and my Sacrifice which actually let them (team India) won the cup.

We all know that the greatest religion in India is actually cricket after 1983 cricket World Cup and Sachin Tendulkar is our God. In the important days of worship, * precisely Warship*, read in the days of important matches, we all become superstitious. We do strange trivial things just to make sure we are winning. For me its “NEVER WATCHING THE BIG GAME.” Now this is the sacrifice I had to do to let India win the Cup after 1983.

I am happy I have a little contribution in my Country’s victory. If you think I am telling trash its upto you but its India where we believe in miracles and unexplainables.

Anyway its partytime folks…….cheers.

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