A Realization……….

07 Apr
A Realization……….

Today I killed a cockroach in my kitchen. Normal cleaning work I am doing since I can remember. Suddenly this made me think…….why did I kill it?

Is it because it is living in my kitchen and soiling it? But they came on earth earlier than us during evolution so we are actually living in their home and we don’t have the right to shoo them…let alone be killing. Oh…well “struggle for existence” can be a good reason to support our this mean act.

Or is it because we think they are the potential threat to our clean, healthy life. Probably they are just living a good friendly life in our kitchen as a tenant. So why we are killing them… just because we find them ugly and potential threat?  We can shoo them off of our life…then why killing? Is this because they are insignificant? Is this because they can’t revolt as terrorists with modern weapons? Terrorists are real threat and we want to eliminate that “class” from our society but can’t.Why? Because……They are human and we actually cant identify who is terrorist? Then why we are killing every bug at our sight and not only the culprit? Like human culprit they should be imprisoned and not killed. Specially when terror caused by them is so insignificant.

I felt so guilty to kill tons of insects in my whole life and so sorry that I know I am going to continue… and killing bugs and pests.

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