Yep…I am back

23 Jul

I forgot my password for this account and was not able to sign up *duh…obviously…*….now just today I accidentally remembered it and *tada* I am here. I know I know you are disapponited that I am back and probably cursing under your breath *Oh God why on earth she remebered it? why she is here again?* But to answer you…I dont care…I realy dont care as I know there is actually nobody around here to read my blogs.

So here goes my list of webcomics I read on regular basis.

If you like me who likes sweet weired humor may check these sites for some fun, if not let me know what is your type of cartoon……I may like that.


  1. My colleague (D.S) resigned today for higher study. *I want a new job.*
  2. My brother started blogging recently
    ….wish him all the luck.
  3. I really want to go shopping but not left with enough money 😦

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