Being Busy…..

29 Feb


  I am not technically a busy bee but It was so long I wrote something here as I was busy writing study materials to teach my students.

Well after much hiatus I got this me-time to enter in WordPress. My life is totally changed in last two months. I got a new job as I wished earlier but I am not sure if I am happier or not.

In my last job I was the boss (as the institute is new) having joy of teaching the subjects I enjoy learning. My work place was a renowned tourist spot near north bengal with picturesque views. It was green and beautiful to look outside. There was peace of mind, my students were not that intellectually at par but definitely modest and willing to learn and utilize knowledge. What can you expect more from a job? But I had to change my job as it could not pay me much and I had to leave alone in a remote place and with a nasty bit of work politics.

So from there I am in an excellent institute now with solid and “concrete” infrastructure , intelligent students and experienced faculty. But I lost my peace of mind and joy of teaching. But I am here with my family and friends though I can only see their faces at night at dinner table. I was alone but Happy now I am with others but much alone and guilty of losing quality time. there is no me-time anymore. Work pressure is bearable but environment is not that happiness yielding.

Yes I am greedy and nagging…I always want more but this time I want my old status back. I want to be happy again.

Anyway life goes on as said here by Hawkins in

On a positive note I can buy shoes every week, watch movies and eat pizzas and enjoy metro life .I should be happy you see.

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