For Puppy Love

23 Mar









I brought a puppy …I brought a puppy.

Well it is a “pariah dog”. About 3 months old. Healthy, intelligent, playful and handsome and extremely lovable.

Tonight when me and my husband were returning home from our office….we found this Sparky barky near a dustbin and about to fall in a drain. We hurried and brought it home wrapped in my dupatta. It was shivering then and too weak to protest. We searched for its mother but probably she was busy in other endeavour.

It reached home with us but was shy for an hour to meet so many people (12 members in our family), all paying attention to him. All are happy to have a dog after such long time. We had two earlier who died at an old age. We still miss them. Though everyone is not welcoming towards him due to associated work load for proper care of puppy but none are resentful also. 

After he get accustomed with us it started playing with us. We named him “Chocky” for his chocolate coloured coat. He is just adorable and right now sleeping at my feet. Have a tight sleep naughty.


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