Ummmmm….I got another puppy

05 Apr








I declare myself a proud owner of a dalmatian puppy. Last night my husband brought her home. It’s a cutie. spotted like a reversed black and white milky way! Her lips and paws are pink. Awwwww. I know probably all know these facts about Dalmatians but this is my first real experience with them. Her velvety touch just made my day this morning. It was looking for warmth this morning so I brought it to my bed and it cuddled there and slept like an angel.We are yet to name her. How about “Spottie”?

In last two weeks this is my second puppy. First one  (you can see him there) is a 3 month old “pariah dog”. We named him CHOCKY. He is very naughty but surprisingly trained. It was rescued from the drain in our locality. Most of the Indian Feral puppies are neglected but this handsome one caught our attention when me and my husband was returning home from the office. Well he is now the proud owner of US!

We are interested to watch the relationship between these two. But as usual there is a problem. My family is not very interested in dogs and they are forcing us to return the dally. It is obvious for them to protest as we can’t take care of them properly without my family members help and they are also busy in their household cores. So it is actually an impractical decision by us to have dogs but we LOVE to have dogs.

 We don’t know if she is going to stay with us or not. I wish I could bring her to my office so that my family members don’t have to bother about her and there will be no issues against her. Oh GOD please show us a way to keep the dog.

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