6+ Tips: How NOT to Shop

12 Apr

Stop Over-Shopping






Being a shopaholic I often indulge in shopping ending in buying stuffs I don’t need at all but bought as I felt they are cute or cool or I may need them some day for me or others. The neat result is I burn my paycheck within a minute. One good thing is I have a very big family and larger extended family so I can “dispose” those stuffs as gifts and earned a reputation of having a big heart and fine taste in almost everything. That’s definitely an ego booster but does not help much in my accounts. My husband’s reaction to my budget maintenance is often gets “Oh-Not-So-Polite”, I can’t blame him for that. That’s enough to sabotage my boosted ego and pride for having a “Sophisticated Taste”.

Today we had a petty fight over this issue once again and that made me sit here to think and write this. Well I am sure, What I am going to pour here is NOT unique but definitely they are from my experience and I know they help.

  • “NEVER GO SHOPPING ON EMPTY STOMACH” : Have you ever noticed how many times you headed to malls just because you dint find anything eatable for your mood? Research shows that when someone visits a shopping mall with a hunger pang they tend to buy more snacks, candies, confectionary products. Probably this satisfies their subconscious by sending signals for future security.If you have to go shopping on suppressed hunger drink plenty of water.
  • “DO NOT SHOP WITH CREDIT/DEBIT CARDS” :  In other words shop with cash and coins only. When every time you have to count your money to pay the bills, its definitely gives your suppressed logical mind (during shopping spree) a warning sign. On the other hand if you buy with cards you don’t actually “realize” how much you are going to pay. There is also some additional charges (taxes, service charges)  to the bills if you pay them with cards.
  • “NEVER SHOP ON THE PAY DAY” :  I do this sin often. When I get the paycheck I straight headed to shops to buy “utmost necessary things” and along with them always end up buying “not-so-necessary-but-cute-or-cool-things”. So if you cannot check your shopping spree you should first manage your due bills and then go to shop.
  • “DO NOT SHOP WITH TRENDY FRIENDS/PERSONS”: Well, this realisation is a shocker for me as well. When you are in a group of trendy people you tend and bend to buy more expensive,”stylish yet little functional” goods. Shopkeepers also shows/suggests you the expensive varieties of the items influenced by them.So if you cannot go shopping with them and cannot stand your mom shop alone. That will also give you some “me-time”.
  • “NEVER SHOP ON THE LAST MINUTE FOR SOMETHING REALLY CRUCIAL” : Say for christmas or Diwali gifts never wait for the last days to buy…only things will then left in the shops will be costly or “not up to your choice and within your budget.” Buy them earlier so then you can plan to buy and don’t have to hurry..that will save some of your money and tension.
  • “DO NOT FALL FOR EVERY OFFER ANNOUNCED”: Check wisely before you fall for the offer. If they offer “BUY 1 GET 1” check the price tag and quality of the product. If you find it is 2 for the price for one then it is fine and you should check you can use both of the products and if the answer is again “yes” go for it. But if offer is giving on bulk think twice.For food items check for “Best before Date” and wisely calculate if you can consume it totally before that. If the offer is on clothes think is there enough takers? Often they offer to buy same type of clothes. If you are ready to wear same design for a long time you can go for that. 

* Bonus: If you are shopaholic like me just stop shopping and if possible lock yourself.  




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