17 Apr

I sobbed whole last night because My Chocky has to go.

He is my first pet after such a long time. He is my dearest puppy. I chose him and brought him home almost a month ago. Loved, played, nurtured, watched him grow. He is just a bundle of fun  around.

But he has to go…why…because my family members are apprehensive to a pariah dog. If it were a bitch they could accept it…as according to them bitches are polite, easily trained and don’t loiter. Secondly my Dalmatian (Spotty) is a bitch …so having a dog and a bitch together may cause a problem in future…so all of them decided…the dog has to go.

How racist we are. How cruel we can be. After loving a baby for one month we can give it up for adoption….how? I don’t know. I fought….fought really hard but cannot made their decision change…I am utter failure. My husband and brother-in-law is in my team but all together also we cannot change others mind. Chocky is going this evening to his new house…hope he be loved there and well accepted.

SORRY Chocky! I am helpless buddy.I really want to have you with us but cannot. Hope one day you will forgive and forget us.

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