Tribute To Pariah Dog

18 Apr

I don’t know if anyone is interestedin Pariah Dogs or not and I don’t care. I just love them. This post is tribute to my 3 months old pariah – Chocky.

INDog puppy



Pariah Dogs are Indian feral dogs though they are not feral in strict sense but stray. Often not considered as classy and often not looked with honour as other purebred dogs are. Even they are named Pariah to show them as low grade dog. According to Wikipedia “pariah is derived from the Tamil word paraiyar, first used in English in 1613 to refer to the lowest level of the traditional Indian caste system; in English, it is used to mean “social outcast”.But the fact is; according to United Kennel Club it is purebred and thanks again to them as they prefer to refer them in most registries as “primitive” (primitive in the sense of “relating to an earliest or original stage or state” or “being little evolved from an early ancestral type”) and not as derogatory “pariah”. At least we got a chance to be less snobber to these dogs.

These dogs are medium sized, slim and sharp featured..often brown , chocolate or black in colour. White and spotted or patched are also common. They usually are not furry and have a short coat. They have black eyes, pointed erect ears, wedge-shaped head with pointed muzzle, and a long curved tail often held curled over the back. I am particularly fan of their expressive eyes and purr when they are taken care of.

The Indian Pariah Dog is also called the INDog .In India you can find at least 5 stray pariah dogs in each street. They are just neglected and left on their own but with a more or less intensive human connection, scavenging on leftovers and trash.They are extraordinarily loyal and devoted to the family who feed them.They have an adaptable, friendly nature, high intelligence and trainability and overall good health, as they have evolved for survival. Their high territorial instinct makes them naturally good watchdogs. They may roam in packs or alone, some individuals tend to be more independent than others. They litter a size ranging between 4-8, but once one produced a single puppy in my locality and which is a rare case.INDog are often nurtured and named by the local people. Then why they are not adopted as pet is not clear to me.

In compare to other dog breeds I find it is easy to have an INDog as pet. There are many reasons to support this finding. They are extremely low maintenance species. If properly vaccinated they rarely show in health trouble. Being a winner of “struggle for existence” they have extremely good health and no particular ailment or disease is associated with them. Having a short coat they need only occasional brushing and a bath in two weeks. They can stomach large variety of foods. Their extensive human exposure made them socially alert.

INDogs are just lovely and I had one who had to leave me yesterday. It is adopted by another four-year girl. I will miss you Chocky.

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