OMG….What I did in the interview?

05 Jul

 Though I am a below thirty professor now and pretty popular among my students I did almost everything one should not do in their interview. Today I am here to share one of my (as I have countless number of them) embarrassing interview story.I

It was during my pre-final semester of B.Tech…..we all were waiting for a lucrative job offer to grab and settle happily ever after in our life. I am from one of the most recognised University of India where we at least got our chance to face interviews directly in some reputed companies and we refer it “campussing”.

All types of industries were visiting our campus and every prospective job owner like me were aiming high. We were coming to college in our best formal attire with all our documents, photos, photocopies…etc. etc. We were totally armed for the battle of life to settle.

Then we came to know that a food industry giant multinational company is coming to select only one candidate from 3500 of us. Competition among us to grab the offer was literally on fire. Best friends became rival, suddenly all of us lost interest in chatting, gaming, playing and became nephew of Einstein. There was a silence in the campus even in hostels.

On the D-Day I found myself alone in the university campus at 9:00 a.m sharp, (campussing schedule was at 10:00) dressed in my favourite and best formal dress with all the documents neatly filled up. I was praising myself and totally self-absorbed to have a boost in self-esteem. I did not notice a car approaching to me. I was brought to reality by a dignified voice greeting me “Good morning”. I found myself casually standing in front of our interviewer asking for help to find the venue…..My 1st mistake.Anyway I showed them the venue. By that time I found some of our faculty and students also arrived.

It was 3 stage screening….1st one was a general intelligence test. I should mention two things here I was not a “bright” student in my class and thus not confident enough to crack the test. Anyway the test started for 3400+ students at sharp 10:00…it was a 30 min. test comprising 90 multiple choice questions of different aspects judging us according to their standards. Yes, it had negative marking…and I answered all. After completion we submitted our OMR sheets and waited for an hour. During this one hour I actually lost hope of getting through….as my answers were not matching to most of the students. It was after 60 nail-biting minutes they announced the names of 100 candidates selected for 2nd round. To our utter surprise I topped the list with 89 correct answers! My friends could not believed the result and became sceptic about how can a back bencher like me did that. I was hurt and lack of confidence in me lowered my self-esteem an inch further……Mistakes continued.

Next was a group discussion (GD) round in 10 groups of 10 members each. In my group I was the single girl candidate and our topic was something related to cricket, sports car and boxing! The company representative asked me if being a girl I am confident enough to discuss those topics as they are typically “guy topics”. I said..”It does not matter if the topic is interesting to me or not but I have my views on them…atleast I have points about why they are not considered “girly or general topic”. In the discussion I was an active speaker and listener…let me tell you a secret here…I am a fan of motor racing and my uncle is Olympic Boxer. So this round earned some brownie and I cleared the second round.I was the only girl candidate in top 10.Guessed no mistake in this phase.

Next was personal interview round..which was scheduled post lunch. I was awaiting my turn on empty stomach. It was just before my interview I discovered a printing mistake in my résumé…so convenient.I was the first one to face interviewers. I entered the room and greeted them. To begin my interview I pointed out the printing mistake ..I believe I was rejected then and there. Then they asked me some technical questions I answered my best but that was too technical for them…so I was not exactly sticking to the rule of interview..”be technical to the technical persons only.” During this period they asked me some data which  can easily be available from any standard table for that. I answered to four digit after decimal but added “I am not good at remembering data”….nailed my hope to get through. Then they asked me the typical question “what is my biggest achievement till date” without giving the standard answer I told them I won national level dance competition …irrelevant to the concerned post . Other discussion gone ok but when I left the room I knew I lost the job.

So please don’t do the things I did in bold letters during your interview if you really want the job.


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