If You Have Nothing To Do..Read Comments

01 Aug

Nothing to doI was extremely bored today. In my “nothing to do hours” I was surfing various sites. Suddenly I found myself inspired and not-bored anymore. So my suggestion is – read the comments below the posts.

      The Proper Procedure to Do Nothing:

  •        Start reading any random blog or post in any site like reddit, allwomenstalk, listverse etc. etc.
  • Follow the links or threads if you wish.
  • Read the most read, most commented one.
  • Go through the readers section
  • You will your time and boredom at a time.

Benefits of Reading Comments:

 I must support now why I am stressing on reading comment.

  • At first by reading the post you must have gained something.
  • Now to enrich your knowledge comments will help you.
  • The writer in most cases overlook something which is pointed by readers.
  • There are links provided by readers which will lead you to different aspects associated with the post.
  • You may have supportive or opposing thoughts.
  • You will build up your judgement on the topic.
  • You will have something to say about the topic.
  • You may have something to speak about the author or readers.
  • You may help the author to brush up their post.
  • In reply to comments you can write.
  • You may stumble upon a site of your interest by following readers` comments.
  • You may have an idea of what others thinking on the topic.
  • It can inspire you to write your own blog.

Above all it will kill your boredom and eat up your time you wanted to through fare. So keep reading and post comments.


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2 responses to “If You Have Nothing To Do..Read Comments

  1. Liz kats

    June 2, 2013 at 21:19

    Was your tooth extradite , like wise I have the same case.

    • Monsoon Mitra

      June 26, 2013 at 21:54

      Thanks for your concern. I have still stuck it in my gums and waiting for Dentist’s green signal to uproot it.


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