A Piece of My Heart Lives Outside

09 Oct

My Baby

If you have read my previous posts You probably already know that I am from the city of joy Kolkata and living in Africa….OH you dint?…. Never-mind….you know….now.You must be thinking: what the hell? Why should I even know that? You should because without the backdrop no drama ever survived. So here goes my story.

I am a girl who loves dogs. My dream job is to serve in a dog kennel or a dog rescue center but somehow I ended up as an engineering student and later an assistant professor. So actually never had time to have dogs of my own since teen as most of the time I was into hostels. Then I was into lots of travelling which also dint help to have me my own paw-yy friend…but I am popular with dogs in each of the locality I ever been.

Then came my moment when my dear husband gifted me a cute Dalmatian puppy on my birthday.I was in the cloud nine that night. I suddenly became mom to a furry beauty. My life started revolving around her. These were the best years of my life. She was growing into a pampered, intelligent, playful girl and I… a proud mumma. But life is cruel to me and I got transferred to Africa. I was all excited to be in Africa but the only hurdle was to bring my girl with us. After lots of hustle I couldn’t get a permission for her partly due to legal issues mostly because my father-in-law became too attached to her.She became his companion.He couldn’t afford to let go his son and me along with his new found friend.So we left her in his care and traveled to Africa.

My life is again same without my furry daughter but with lots of her pawyy friends here. But being a piece of my heart and breathing in different continent..I miss her and I am sure she misses me too. The only assurance is she is loved and cared and able to brighten up moods of my parent-in-laws.

Today I am missing her a lot so vented here and waiting for the moment of our reunion.

Thank you for your precious time.

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