My Bottled List

Everyone is making their bucket list. So I am here to announce my one. Though I am sure nobody is bothered to check it  but it can help me in future to do something when there is nothing to do for me. Somebody said in somewhere that one should allow only those things in their list which is achieveable and one truly want them to do. I bending this rule for me as I believe one should aim more than one can achieve currently.

Ohhhh….one thing I should explain to myself  why I have named it my Bottled list instead of My Bucket list….its simple…they are still bottled and ready to pop out anytime soon.

  1. Work out everyday to have a figure like Priyanka Chopra (like she had in 2008)
  2. Learn Hebrew,
  3. Learn Latin (would not mind other languages as well)
  4. Learn how to apply Make up (It should be on the top)
  5. Learn to swim (must)
  6. Learn to cook well (I can cook but have to work on the WELL part)
  7. Learn Pasodoble (love this dance form)
  8. Learn how to play violine (if not lyre)
  9. Learn to pose in front of camera (desperately need help)
  10. Go vegeterian (if possible)
  11. Find a job in any metro city (preferrably in India)
  12. Find a job which wont bore me (hard one)
  13. Stay with hubby dearest (we are in LDR)
  14. Visit Amazon
  15. Visit Antartica
  16. Visit France
  17. Visit Italy
  18. Visit Hawaii (ok lets sum up….whole world)
  19. Meet Hugh Jackmann
  20. Meet Angelina Jolie
  21. Meet Lance Armstrong
  22. Meet Dr. Swaminathan
  23. Donate as much as possible
  24. Volunteer at an orphanage
  25. Save energy 
  26. Go green
  27. Gift a bike to hubby dearest
  28. Buy a new car
  29. Buy designer outfit
  30. Buy designer shoes
  31. Own a farm house
  32. Skydive
  33. Bungee jump
  34. Sea surfing
  35. Deep sea explore (must learn swimming)
  36. Have an exotic pet (suggestion anyone)
  37. Read more
  38. Get Nomination for Nobel
  39. Get Nomination for Ig Nobel
  40. Get Nomination for Oscar (for cinematography)
  41. Serious blogging
  42. Be wise with money (It a must otherwise I cant do the rest listed)
  43. Get tattoo
  44. Anger management
  45. Think better
  46. Spend more quality time with family
  47. Watch more movies, exhibitions
  48. Meditation
  49. Painting
  50. Work on my indicissiveness
  51. Be better at teaching
  52. …………
  53. ………….

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